Self-Discipline and Shirts

More than a year ago I offered to make a shirt for a friend…

Not just any shirt, an 1830’s style stand-collar shirt.  My friend is a volunteer on an early steam railway.  He assured me that, as he had been driving the train for years in an ordinary shirt, there was no rush.  I took him at his word!  Having sourced a pattern by Kannik’s Korner I decided to stitch the whole thing by hand for authenticity.  Although this was considerably slower than using a machine, I enjoyed the discipline and was able to do little bits in between other projects.

The shirt is made from linen, the pattern is by Kannik's Korner

This week realisation dawned that I would never get the shirt finished if I didn’t set myself a deadline.  I decided to get all the stitching finished by Sunday… Ta da!  Now all that’s left to do are the buttons.  The pattern calls for Dorset, or thread, buttons, so I’ll have a go at making them myself, and try not to take too long over it!


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