A New Name (and some lovely links)!


If it ain’t broke why fix it?  A friend of mine came across this lovely blog when searching for mine… Another Smocking Bee!  How could I have missed it?  It is written by a keen smocker in the US, and she had the name first.  Her blog includes podcasts on smocking – it’s great to see users of the traditional technique of smocking embracing modern technologies to share their enthusiasm.  In order to avoid confusion I have changed my blog to Smockerybee.

This got me thinking about the many other blogs and sites on sewing and smocking which have inspired me so I will share a few with you.  This list is by no means comprehensive – just a few highlights.

The Smocking Index is written by Megan – a mum who, like me, began smocking when her daughter was born.  Her blog is just what the title suggests – a comprehensive index of hundreds of smocking plates.  It is a fantastic resource.  Even if you design your own smocking plates you will find the index a great source of inspiration.

Everything Sewing has great tips for stitchers and several instructional videos on pleating and smocking.  The photo gallery has some wonderful examples of smocking and heirloom sewing.

Rosalind Atkins is an award winning smocker (and Dorset buttoner!) in the UK who also teaches the technique

Ivory Spring is a beautiful sewing blog with loads of resources – the author makes the most exquisite quilts and is a dab hand at smocking, too!

So Resourceful is a beautifully illustrated blog.  Its author has set herself the challenge of posting 111 projects in 2011 – I just wish I had found this blog earlier in the year!