Oh, dear…It is a fearfully long time since my last post.  Apart from for the last couple of weeks when I have been ill (much better now), I have no excuse for this.  All my good intentions for a new year’s blogging seem to have melted with the snow.  So let’s start again:  A very Happy New Year to you all!

In contrast to my on-line inactivity I have been very busy stitching.  Since my last post I have completed three dresses: A little baby bishop dress for a friend, and a dress each for my Littlebees.

The bishop dress is for a friend who collects and restores vintage prams.  It is for a doll to wear when she displays the prams at shows.  It is newborn size, smocked with variations on feather stitch – a new one for me.


I promised the littlebees a new dress this year and let them each choose from my fabric stash.  Big Littlebee picked a bold colourful print and Small Littlebee a delicate vintage-style print on pink.  I decided to thread the smocking with ribbon again, and used surface embroidery – bullion stitch daisies on the bolder print and roses on the pink.

With two eager girls cracking the whip it didn’t take me too long to make up the dresses and the girls are thrilled: “You’re the best mummy in the world!”.  All the endorsement I’ll ever need.


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